Because of Dubai’s increasing number of visitors and fast-growing local population, Dubai’s transport pathways are becoming too stressed. This was the reason behind the construction of the Dubai Metro, which has two functional lines since its opening—the green line and the red line. The green line has 20 stations and runs from Etisalat to the Dubai Healthcare City. The red line has 29 stations and runs from Rashidiya to the UAE exchange or Jebel Ali. The red line was finished in 2009. The green line followed in 2011.

Many tourists and locals use the Dubai Metro every single day. If you want to join them, take note of the following pointers:

  1. Check out the red and green lines and their stations. See which one you need to ride before you buy your ticket. More lines are coming soon.
  2. The Dubai Metro runs a cashless system. You need to buy a Nol card from one of the ticket booths or from one of the vending machines available there. Swipe the Nol card over the card reader before you enter the boarding area. Only a Mastercard or a Visa card are accepted as payment for the Nol card. The price of one way fares is from Dhs1.8 to Dhs5.8 (equivalent to 50 cents to 1.6 USD).
  3. Don’t worry if you do not see any operator or human driver boarding the Dubai Metro to run the trains. The Dubai Metro is a completely automated train system. It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but you’ll eventually get used to it.
  4. The front car of the train is usually reserved exclusively for women and children. Be sure to check the signs before you enter the first car. Also remember that women are not limited to this car. They may also join their male companions in any train car.
  5. Pay attention to your next stop because stations are usually named after the important building nearest to them (usually, these are bank headquarters and malls).
  6. There are First Class cars in the Dubai Metro but the ride there is very short (not worth the payment). The regular metro cars are more comfortable and cleaner than any subway or light railway transit you know.
  7. Bicycles are not allowed on the Dubai Metro or any train there.
  8. The Dubai Metro does not open until 2 PM every Friday because this is a day of prayer in UAE.
  9. Do not even try to carry fish inside the Dubai Metro. There may be no signs that tell people not to bring fish on board the metro but fish is a no-no.
  10. The Gold Class ticket is twice the price of a regular ticket. With this metro ticket, you are guaranteed a seat and extra leg room even during peak hours of the day. This is beneficial for older people, people with disabilities, and those who have many bags to carry. You can also check out the Silver class cars and the cars exclusive for women and children.
  11. You are not allowed to drink or eat on the Dubai Metro. If you violate this rule, you pay Dhs100.
  12. You are also not allowed to smoke inside the cars or on the train platforms.
  13. Putting feet up on the seats is also prohibited.
  14. Never sneak into the Gold Class cars or even use another passenger’s card.
  15. A fine ranging from Dhs100 to Dhs2000 will need to be paid for breaking any of the rules.

Take a ride on the Dubai Metro to escape the heavy traffic. Before you do, make sure you are aware of the rules. This way, you avoid trouble with the Dubai Metro authorities and with other passengers. Happy Metro trip!