The cost of starting a business setup Abu Dhabi varies depending on various factors such as business structure, industry, location, and specific requirements. However, it’s essential to consider several key expenses involved in the business setup process to budget effectively and ensure a smooth launch of your venture.

License and registration fees:

The primary expense when starting a business in Abu Dhabi is obtaining the necessary licenses and registrations from government authorities. The cost of licenses varies depending on the type of business activity, jurisdiction (mainland or free zone), and the specific requirements of the licensing authority. License fees typically include commercial licenses, trade licenses, professional licenses, and industry-specific permits.

Office space rental:

Renting office space or commercial premises is a significant expense for businesses in Abu Dhabi. The cost of office space varies depending on factors such as location, size, amenities, and facilities. Prime locations in Abu Dhabi may command higher rental rates, while suburban areas or free zones may offer more affordable options.

Sponsorship fees (for Mainland Businesses):

If you’re setting up a mainland business in Abu Dhabi, you’ll need to partner with a local Emirati sponsor or service agent as per UAE’s commercial laws. The sponsorship fees may vary depending on the agreement with the local sponsor and the percentage of ownership they hold in the business.

Government and legal fees:

Business setup in Abu Dhabi involves various government and legal fees associated with document attestation, translation services, notarization, and other administrative procedures. These fees cover the costs of processing documents, obtaining approvals, and complying with regulatory requirements.

Visa and immigration costs:

If you plan to hire employees or relocate staff to Abu Dhabi, you’ll need to budget for visa and immigration costs. This includes visa application fees, medical tests, Emirates ID registration, and residency permit fees for employees and their dependents.

Professional services fees:

Hiring professional services such as legal advisors, business consultants, accountants, and PRO (Public Relations Officer) services is common during the business setup process in Abu Dhabi. Professional service fees vary depending on the scope of services required and the expertise of the service provider.

Additionally, budget for miscellaneous expenses such as office furniture and equipment, utilities (electricity, water, and internet), marketing and advertising, insurance premiums, and initial working capital for operational expenses.