Historic Hatta Dubai

The next time you are in Dubai and you want to escape the buzz of the city, consider visiting historic Hatta. A mere 71 miles east of Dubai city sits the re-discovered ancient village that was once a cool summer retreat for the residents of the coastal region. Today it is a beloved tourist destination that allows you to take a step back in time.

Location and Climate

In order to visit this oasis in the desert you will need to travel some distance up the Hajar Mountains. Its mountainous location means it is much cooler and less humid than the coastal city of Dubai. Of course, this does not mean it is never hot, in fact during the summer months the temperatures can reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit, but it is still much drier than the coast and for most of the year temperatures are a much more moderate 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day.


Around Hatta village are several restored structures including Hatta Fort and towers. These buildings once served as both residence and defense for the village. Built from mountain stone and other locally sourced materials, they have stood the test of time very well.

Heritage Village

While tours are not available currently for the citadel or towers you can visit an ancient rulers home, restored to reflect the original time period. Inside you will find historically accurate items such as weaponry, furnishings and instrument.

Hatta Dam

A more recent addition to the Hatta Area is the Hatta Dam, constructed in 1990 as an answer to the problem of sustainable water. It took nearly two years for the reservoir to fill completely and along with providing locals with a reliable water source it is also a much sought out tourist attraction. Turquoise waters glisten in the afternoon sun and provide a marked contrast with the craggy rocks, many come to the area for its wonderful photo opportunities.

To Do

Visitors to this area usually enjoy taking advantage of the great mountain biking, hiking and camping opportunities. If you are feeling really adventurous try a trip to Fossil Rock where four wheeler and dune buggies are the order of the day. Climb to the top in your 4×4 and go dune bashing!


There is no doubt that Dubai is a hopping city, but when you want something a little different it is time to head out to the mountains. There are beautiful camping spots, hiking and bike trails, dune bashing and so much more just waiting to be explored.