If you are going to be living and working in Dubai for a while, you most likely have done some research into housing and other basic needs. Have you thought about health care, though? Knowing how to get the health care you need should not be left to chance. You don’t want to wait until you need to seek medical care to start finding out what your options are.


Dubai has excellent health care services. You can choose to use private medical facilities or public ones. It is best to have international medical insurance but if you don’t, you can still get your medical needs taken care of. Getting a health card through the UAE’s ministry of health will allow you to use public hospitals and clinics for your routine health care needs. If you have a medical emergency before you get insurance or a health card, you will not be turned away. Emergency care is given to all citizens and foreigners even if they do not have insurance or a health card.


At this time, a health card to use public medical facilities is still an option but this is changing. The government currently strongly encourages foreigners to purchase health insurance on their own and use private hospitals and clinics. It is possible that it will eventually be required. So it is best to buy your own insurance if you can.


The public health care system in Dubai is well established and continues to grow. While this system is strong and provides excellent care, the UAE is encouraging those who can to buy private medical insurance and take advantage of private health care options. The hope is that both the public and private health care options will improve.


One thing that you definitely need to look into if you will be living in Dubai for an extended period of time is the medications you need to take regularly. Certain prescription medications and even some over the counter medications are not permitted in the UAE. Make sure any medications you have to take regularly will be allowed.


For medications that need to be taken regularly that is not available in the UAE, you may bring a 12-month supply with you if you have a copy of the original prescription or a letter from your doctors regarding the need for the medication. Except in rare cases when there is a need for them and permission has been granted by medicine and pharmacy control director, narcotic medications are not to be brought into the country.


With a little research into health care availability in Dubai to find your best options and making sure any medications you need regularly can be obtained or brought in, you will find that getting good health care in Dubai is not difficult. Most likely, you will find that the health care in Dubai is as good or better than your health care at home.