Raspberry Ice-Cream (Dairy free, Soya free, Egg free)

This dairy free ice-cream has the most delicious raspberry flavour, it satisfied my oldest daughter who can detect a non-dairy product miles away.  From a flavour point of view you can not tell it’s dairy-free.  The texture is not quite that of a rich velvety dairy one, it’s a cross between a sorbet and an ice-cream.  It’s not easy trying to disguise the flavour of soya or oat cream, you need to find strong flavours that come to the forefront.

The raspberry flavour comes from the good quality raspberry jam and for that reason use a high fruit jam or jelly.  The frozen raspberries are there to balance some acidity, they also emphasize the luscious Barbie pink, if you can’t get hold of frozen raspberries use some lemon juice to balance the sweetness.

When I saw Linda’s post for Jelly Ice-Cream it gave me the idea to try it with oat cream.  In her recipe you don’t need to churn the ice-cream but here you have to.  Using the oat cream and the raspberry jelly or jam doesn’t give you enough fat or inverted sugar respectively to stop the mixture crystalising without churning.  The ice-cream in the photo wasn’t churned in an ice-cream machine, I semi-froze the mixture, put into a liquidizer and re-froze it.  Repeated this process again twice.  As you can see the texture isn’t bad at all, the ice-cream machine will give you a smoother texture but certainly it’s possible to make it without.

If you have read my two previous posts on Ice Cream or Sorbet Too Firm in the Freezer OR  Smooth Dark Chocolate Ice-Cream you would have read I’ve been experimenting with liquid glucose.  I haven’t added it here because I’m using shop bought jam/jelly which makes the ice-cream sweet and the amount I need to add of liquid glucose would make this recipe even sweeter.

Frozen raspberries are for me like the frozen pea; indispensable.  Here they emphasise colour and add important acidity.



Raspberry Ice-Cream (Dairy free, Soya free, Egg free)

  • 300g Raspberry jam, good quality.  I used Tiptree Wilksons & Sons Raspberry Jelly for the first recipe and Bonne Maman Raspberry Jam for this one.
  • 500g Oat Cream
  • 150g Frozen raspberries *

Put the ingredients in a pan bring them to a simmer and let it simmer for 1-2mins until the raspberries are soft.  Sieve the mixture, pressing the raspberries through, the only thing you should have left behind on the sieve are the seeds.  If your sieve is not fine enough you may have to sieve it twice as some seeds can go through when pushing.  Cool it before churning.

* If you find the mixture is still too sweet for you adjust it with a splash of lemon juice.