Hot desking is one of the rising trend in business officing today, especially for freelancers and startup entrepreneurs. In this office setup, clients and tenants are given a desk that they can use for work and to conduct their business.

But this service being provided by serviced offices for rent in abu dhabi is advantageous for tenants, clients can make the most out their hot desking moment by making sure they follow this list of hot desking etiquette:

  1. Clean up after yourself

This is a common problem amongst serviced offices and hot desking providers. There are some tenants who have a habit of leaving the tables provided dirty and cluttered. Although business centers has team of cleaning professionals who will clean up the space, it is the responsibility of the tenant to make sure that the space is clean after use, as a sign of respect to the next user.

  1. Avoid using other tables for your things

When some tenants see that there are vacant tables, they take advantage of the situation and place their things on top of it. This is a bad etiquette that you need to stop doing and avoid doing at all cost. Putting your things on top of vacant tables means that you own that space for the time being. This would prevent other users from using the tables. Be sure to keep your things on your space at all times.

  1. Be friendly and courteous

Some people are too focused on their work that they tend to snob people who are greeting them on their desks. As much as possible, try to greet people who are greeting you on your desks. You never know when you will meet your future clients or your future business partners. Also, show courtesy to people at all times.

  1. Be proactive

When you are hot desking, you are responsible for the things and equipment that you are using. So, when you broke something, have the initiative to tell the building admin about this. Reporting office incidents like this will help the building admin to fix the things that you broke and will enable others to use the desks immediately.

  1. Sign out and switch off

Some desks are equipped with their own laptops and computers. If this is the kind of desk that is assigned to you, be sure to log out your email and social media accounts. This will prevent other people from viewing your account and will also show courtesy to the next user.

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