If you are running your business then you may often have heard about the term head hunters or recruiters. This is considered as most important department of company because the quality of employees depend on this department. So if you are running small company or you have no space in your office then you can also hire recruiting agency. They offer their services from their own place. There are also many headhunters in Dubai. And there are many retail recruitment agencies in Dubai so you can go for them according to your company type. But before hiring any sort of service you must get complete information about these companies. So if you want to know about headhunters then you should read this article.

What is headhunter?

It is company or individual who hire employees for that specific company. so companies hire these persons to find quality employees for these firms. If they are working in any company then they are known as executive recruiters. And if they are working as company then they are known as recruitment agency. If they have not recruiters in their company then the employers contact with these headhunters.

Types of headhunters:

There are different types of headhunters some of the types have been given in this article.

Contingency recruiters:

These types of companies work on the basis of commission so when these companies hire employees then the companies pay commission to these headhunters. So basically, they work for the clients with various job openings.

Retained recruiters:

They are hired for specific period of time in the companies but they work at senior level. But they are being hired on the basis of salary. But different types of facilities are also provided to these types of employees.

Corporate recruiters:

These types of recruiters work exclusively in HR department so they are hired in house for full time position and they are given salaries and many other fringe benefits. Different types of positions are distributed in this department such as HR manager, HR executive.

Temporary staffing agency:

Many of the industries which are manufacturing seasonal products they need to hire seasonal workers so they hire workers for only specific period of time. So most of the recruitment agencies also receive applications from seasonal employees. so these types of companies provide seasonal employees to other companies.