In some point support from your family, local program, friends are not enough. Because everyone is busy in their lives nowadays. Your family members or friends have to look other work to spend their lives. People have required full help for full time. And many older need longer services for their self. These facilities are important for dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and for other type of patients. Care homes for dementia patients  provide the medical treatment to these patients through professional and trained nursing staff. Well facility bases care services included assisted living facilities, care homes, nursing homes and continuing care retirement communities. These basic facilities are beneficial for the retired person and for patients.

Care Homes and board

This is also called residential care facilities to group or homes. These small private home facilities provide space mostly for 20 residents. Rooms could be private and shared. These residents receive the personal care such as dressing, washing, bathing and get meal on time. Professional nursing staff provides you the best medical care for your health. Mostly adults and older gets this facility who don’t have family member or they are living outside the city. The main benefits of care homes are that they will give you their best.

Assisted Living homes

This is for people who need help on daily basis but not that kind of help which actually nursing home provide. In assisted living facilities it has range of 25 residents to 120 or more residents. They offer you fewer facilities but get higher paying from the residents.

In assisted living residents get their own apartments or can share the rooms and also share the common areas. They provide you many services such as three time meal a day, personal care, proper medication from nursing staff, housekeeping, laundry and 24 hour supervision, on site staff, security, recreational activities etc.

Facility of nurses

Nursing home also called skilled and professional nursing facilities. They provide you a wide range of services about your health and personal care. Their service focuses on medical care more that other assistance. They provide the services of 24 hour supervision, meals for three times a day, assistance with daily activities, rehablitiation services like physical, speech therapy , occupational etc.

Sometime people who stay at nursing homes for a short time can leave after recovering from the different disease, but some patient have to stay for long time.