Schooling is an important part of your life and it is the only thing which becomes a title with you. Your schooling develops your personality and shows the good and the bad side of you. But it solely does not depend on the way of leaning as every human being learn differently and they have no control over it. Its like you cant turn a gods face to look at an opposite direction unless you go there of something attracts it. Not comparing humans with dogs but the learning part is almost same, after all humans are also social animals. And so are their ways of learning.

Every child deserves the best for their growth and development and in the same way EYFS has its importance in every child who enrolls with them. It helps the children in growing and recognizing their potential in different activities or in a single activity they love. Most children progress depends on EYFS at some point and it also helps them at some point of their life. As anything which you learn gives you some advantage at some point so does EYFS. Children, at their growing age just need an opportunity to learn and once they start doing it, they become habitual of learning new things in their own way.

EYFS is important because it not only develop skills but it also shows which subjects or matters your children need focus. Subjects are basic like counting from 1 to 10 or basic arts, understanding of colors. Talking about color recognition most of the problem of color blindness can be identified at early age, because some don’t even know in the teen ages. Children also learn different basic languages like French, Spanish etc. where most people when start learning in high school, children of EYFS learns more quickly. There are many different aspects of EYFS which later help the children in the future in one way or the other.

Being a resident of UAE, or an expat for that matter, your children require a good knowledge of Arabic language and there are many EYFS which offer basic Arabic learning. There are many some of the best British nurseries in Dubai and some of the most highly recommended are of DIFC nurseries, you can visit the website of these nurseries online. This way it can be easier for you to choose the right nursery for your child.