Immigration application is a long and tedious process. A lot of applicant who had gone through the process knows how much time it took them to get their applications approved. These tales is quite discouraging and can lead would-be applicants to abandon their plans to immigrate.

However, there are simple hacks that immigration applicants can do to hasten the application process. Here’s how:

  1. Check the requirements

The first thing in order is know the requirements based on the visa you are applying. The requirements vary for each category. For example, the requirements and documents need for a Canada visit visa from Dubai is far different from the papers needed from permanent residency visa application for Australia. There might be common and similar documents needed but you there would be differences in terms of specific forms that need to be filled. To cut the time and avoid any mistake on filing, be sure to know the specific requirements, from the forms down to the process.


  1. Fill up and double check your forms

There are stories of application being denied or request to be edited due to incorrect and incomplete information provided. Prevent this from happening by making sure that the forms are fully accomplished. Once you are done filling it up, double check each filled. For more accurate checking, ask someone to go over it for you. And do not even try putting an incorrect data on your form. In the long run, immigration official will find this and this might give you a bad record on their agency.


  1. Prepare all the necessary papers

Along with your forms, you will be given a list of documents that you need to submit. Check the papers you have already have against the list. From there, you will know the remaining papers you need to process and gather. Set a timetable for this. By giving yourself a deadline, you will be able to gather all papers and documents prior to the submission. Have them scanned and photocopied as well.


  1. Check your finances

Your finances play a big part on your application. More than the processing fees, you need to determine your financial standing as some immigration agencies include this on their requirements. If you think you will be short on funds, find a way to increase your profit even before submitting your application. This would lessen the chance of your application being denied due to your finances, but also a way to prepare for the upcoming move.


  1. Get the services of an immigration consultant

Some immigration applicants would rather process the documents themselves. There is nothing wrong with that. But if you think you are behind the timeline that you set for your move, having the services of an immigration consultant can speed up the process since these professionals are experienced on this field and probably knows the process more than anybody else. They will make sure that you are on the right tracks to up your chances of getting your papers approved. Australian immigration Abu Dhabi consultants can provide basic advice on cutting the processing time in a legit manner.