Education is something that all have to do at some point and it is the most important thing. Education makes a human, a human. Now even monkeys and gorillas and parrots and different animals are educated as well. We have seen many cases where animals are taught easy things and they are actually learned it. People travel to many distant places just to study. The best examples are of monks of China. We have seen a school that was in a cave and it was more than one hundred years old and the elderly locals say that their parents told them that it educated 186 students and they were taught by 8 teachers. But you don’t have to travel to such distant places just to study. There are some best countries to study now and one of many is Canada and the latest stats say that many people are getting Canada student visa from Dubai.

But not all cities of Canada are best for students. There are some cities that have the best universities, schools and colleges and the city is transformed for the ease of students so that the country gets more and more students for Canada immigration from Abu Dhabi. If you are about to get a student visa then we suggest that you keep reading to see which city is best for you;

  • Montreal: you will not be believing it but the latest stats of Canadian immigration tipped us that each year, more than 350,000 students come in Montreal to study and that also from all around the globe. The worlds’ 24th best university McGill University is here and the city is known for the best kind of festivals as well and different languages are spoken there as well.
  • Vancouver: this is basically known as a tourist area and this is also known as the most expensive city of Canada but somehow it is still the best city for students and it stands 17th in place in the list of best cities for students in the world.
  • Toronto: this is the 34th best city in the world to study and more than 17 percent of the students from all around the world come here to study.
  • Ottawa: if you are a sporty student then this is the place for you because other than studies, you will find almost every kind of sport to do here and it is said to be the most student friendly city in Canada.