Let’s face it – appeal is a huge factor that buyers keep in mind when they’re looking a home. While price sometimes plays a role in a buyer’s decision, how a home appeals to them is something that sellers and real estate agents can’t easily ignore. After all, buyers often have preferences that could either seal the deal or break it off.

If you were a buyer, what is the first thing that you’d look for in a home? We gathered information from a property consultant in Dubai and listed down the key areas in your home that you need to improve, so it will appeal more to potential buyers:


The bathroom is often the first area that buyers look at when they’re in an open house. A good bathroom that is functional and appealing has more chances of making a good impression on potential buyers. You can upgrade the shower, toilet, or cabinetry, so your bathroom looks more splendid once potential buyers come over for a look.


Who would want to buy a home that looks dilapidated? The first thing that buyers will see when they come over is the exterior of your home. If they don’t like what’s on the inside, do you think they’ll spare you the time to see what’s on the inside? Most likely not. Give your walls a fresh paint, upgrade the doors and windows, and fix those broken shingles. Appearances matter; don’t forget that.


A perfectly manicured lawn and an attractive landscape provide you with bonus points when it comes to home aesthetics. Moreover, maintaining a clean and attractive landscape indicates the amount of effort you’ve given to your home. The best thing about this? Improving the appearance of your yard doesn’t need to take up much money, especially if you’re already into gardening.


Much like the bathroom, the kitchen is another area that gains the most attention from potential buyers. As the kitchen is one of the most important and busiest communal area of the home, buyers would want a kitchen that can serve as a functional workspace. Some sellers go over the top with their kitchen upgrades by installing fancy countertops, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. Simply changing the cabinets and doing a paint job can work wonders on your kitchen.

If you want good offers from your buyers, show them what their money’s worth. Improve your home’s curb appeal, and you’d be surprise at how much of a leap it could get. Go to this website for more information on property sales and valuations.