Most of the car owners with tinted car windows are unaware of the quality of film applied on their windows. 3m car tinting in Dubai or car tinting deals in Dubai make the car look more elegant and classier. It protects from heat and also the interior of the car. Often the customers want high infrared rejection tints at lower price. And some consumers know the facts that only salesman tell them while selling tints. Customers don’t know weather the written details on brochure are authentic or not.

Often shops falsify the information about total solar energy rejected (TSER) by the film and raise the prices of low quality films. Thus, they trick the customer to buy the product. Customers are unable to differentiate between high and low quality film and they are often tricked. They might think they have got a good deal for good quality film. The film works fine at the begging and sustain cooling of the car. But with time the heat passed through it, bubbles are formed and also visibility through screens get hazy. Fading of tint also cause the interior od the car to fade away. Often auto tint shops show good quality tint but later they swap it with low grade film while application. And they may also change the packaging of low grade film by reputable brands.

So here are some tips that one should follow before purchasing film:

  • Find out if the brand selling film is reputable. Test reports and certifications are available at their websites. Reviews are so available. So one must always check the official website. Brands with low grade film have no details about manufacturers. 
  • One should know about manufacturers details. Because only a reputable and credible manufacturer will have good quality raw materials and advanced laboratories to produce premium quality films. They produce the films that can reject heat for up to 7 years.
  • Check the packaging and film for logo. Reputable and genuine brands have their logo on both the film and box that ensures originality. On the other hand, local brands do not have logo on their films and also the box is often plain.
  • If you are purchasing a car tint that has high specifications about infrared rejection and total solar energy rejection rates. Then ask the salesman to prove it by testing. Tests are conducted on solar meter.
  • There are brands that also provide warranty cards with films so that one can claim product warranty if the written specifications are not proved.