Whether you’ll install the swimming pool in your home, in a resort, condominium, hotel, or a commercial building, you need to settle with a creative and established swimming pool company in Dubai to be assured of the quality and value of your investment. We hope the following suggestions could help you find the best contractor for your project.


  1. Ask for recommendations from others and research online.

Talk to at least ten people who have already set up a swimming pool. Ask about their contractors and list down all the companies they have recommended.  You may also research online using the “swimming pool contractors in Dubai” keyword or other keywords related to that.


  1. Do background checking.

Once you’ve finalized the list of your potential contractors, research about them online. So background checking by reading some reviews on forums and blogs. You may also check if a certain company has legal cases or violations against the law.


  1. Review the portfolio of your potential contractors.

Check the previous projects of the company not only on their website but also in person. If you have some friends who were previous clients of a specific company, visit their swimming pool to closely view the materials used, design and other details of the pool. Otherwise, you can ask the company representative to show you some of their previous projects.


  1. Check their rates and payment terms.

Always consider your budget, but remember that affordability is not always king. Try to find a contractor that would fit your allotted fund for the project without compromising the quality. Also, their payment terms must be fair. Don’t settle with a company that requires you to pay the full amount without finishing the project.


  1. Ask about the turnaround time.

If your swimming pool is time sensitive (applicable to condominiums, resorts, hotels, etc.), tell the contractor about your time frame. If they can’t finish the pool on time, talk to another company.


  1. Listen to your instincts.

Sometimes our gut feel says so much about what we need to do. If everything seems perfect technically but you feel like you don’t want to hire them as your contractor then listen to your instincts. This can keep you from blaming yourself later on.


Setting up a swimming pool is an investment, and thus it requires keen research and strong decision making, especially in choosing from a long list of swimming pool contractors in Dubai. If you would ask us, we can suggest Better Gardens Contracting LLC. Visit their website to learn more.