With the myriads of IT support companies out there, choosing one that is best for you can get rather overwhelming. However, here’s a list of factors that you should look out for when choosing an IT Support Company:

  1. Guaranteed quick response

Quick response is very crucial in IT support and that’s just what the IT company in Abu Dhabi that you choose needs to guarantee.

  1. 24x7x365 support

An IT support that is available all the time is what your business needs the most.

  1. Qualified technicians

You won’t ask a plumber to give you a medical prescription would you?

  1. Offers flexibility

Your IT support should provide you with more than the required flexibility.

  1. Responds to phone calls – actually picks up the phone

The company shouldn’t leave your call in the queue for a very long time.

  1. Respond to emails/messages

The company must use more than one medium for communication.

  1. Provides accurate details about the features of their services

Your IT support should be well-versed in the services they provide.

  1. Goes above and beyond limits to satisfy its customers

The company shouldn’t just solve a problem – it should make sure that it doesn’t occur again.

  1. Price – not always the cheapest, but delivers quality services

Your IT support company should emphasize on quality rather than quantity.

  1. Has polite technicians

The company should handle the clients in a polite manner (even if they are wrong).

  1. Has the potential to grow with your business

As your business grows, there will be more employees, so your IT support should be able to handle more requests.

  1. Has a physical location that you can check out on your own too

You should be able to check out their infrastructure along with their ability to cater to your requests.

  1. Ample customer reviews and positive feedback

The IT support should have abundant positive reviews for your consideration.

  1. The number of years since they have been in business

They must have some history, some clientele they have served before.

  1. Are they insured?

God forbid, if a disaster strikes, the company should have their presence recoverable & restorable.

  1. Are they proactive?

Do they help you out with problems before you even know they might occur? If so, then you have great IT support at hand.


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