Having your document attested can benefit you as you will have legal documents to present if you are applying for any type of visa or vying for an employment in a foreign country. But before this would happen, you need to know what it entails to have your document attested.

If you will be notarizing or attesting your papers soon, these are the preparations that you need to follow:

  • Research on the process and what you need to go through


The first thing that you need to do is to know what you need to do, especially if you will be doing this on your own. Do your homework and research on the process and requirements. Document attestation is different depending on the location.  The process of document attestation in UAE might be different from other countries so it would be best to check them. Aside from the requirements, know what governing agencies you need to visit for the attestation.

Even if you will not be the one to process the papers, it wouldn’t hurt for you to know what the procedures will be so you can manage your expectations.


  • Spend time to collate the documents

Once you have the list of requirements, you need to start collecting and collating the documents needed. You need to safekeep the original copies of the certificates that needs to be attested and the supporting documents that can corroborate the original ones. Have them scanned and photocopied and keep the documents in one file.


  • If the certificate is laminated, removed it carefully

Some people find it attractive to laminate their certificates as the sign of accomplishment. It is not a bad idea. But if you have to legalize that certain document, it is a must that you remove it from being laminated. Be careful with removing the lamination as it might damage the certificate. Damaged and worn out certificates are most likely not to get stamped for attestation.


Some individuals would rather process the document attestation themselves, but it would be best if you have a legal support that can guide you through the process. Find a trusted law firm that can help to determine if you are doing the right thing and check whether you have the right requirements with you.


  • Check the requirements before submission

Once you have all the papers with you, double-check the documents and see if you have everything. Review the process again so you will know what to do on the day you will submit the documents.