Companies operating at a global scale need to ensure that every employee is aligned as to how the headquarters want them to operate. But certain factors like language differences and barriers can make it very difficult to keep everybody on the same page.

But this issue can be resolved by distributing translated operational guidelines to each office. With user manuals and operational manual translated specifically per area, there will be lessen questions and mistakes and employees will be able to work in accordance to the standard set by the main office.

If you are tasked to order translation and consult with a technical translation service company, be sure to go over these tips firsts:

  • Check your past work

If your company has done document translation before, it would be best to review them first before you proceed with communicating with a professional translator. Reviewing their past work would help you to decipher how manuals are supposedly translated in accordance to the company’s preference. You might not be able to understand the translated guidelines but you can give them to your translator for reference.

  • Decide on the glossary

The terminologies and glossary of terms is necessary so the people who will read the manual would know how the terms should be interpreted in the manual. When you are preparing the document to be translated, you need to go over the terminologies and update them before sending them out for translation. Have the list prepared and have them checked by the supervisors for verification.

  • Keep it simple

User manuals and operational guidelines are highly technical manuscripts. If the texts are way too complicated to be understood, then the reader might get confused while following the manual. It would be best to review the original manuscript first and edit sections that are complicated and complex for a layman to understand. Try to put yourself in their shoes so you would know if the sentences are too complex for reading.

  • Avoid lengthy translations

The phrase, “less is more” is applicable when writing and translating operational manual. Lengthy sentences might be misinterpreted and misunderstood. Keep the sentences short and straight to the point to avoid confusion.

  • Try it out and ask feedback

Once the translator submitted the initial draft, do a test-run and see how the intended readers will use the manual. Be sure to ask their feedback so you can communicate these changes to the translator.

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