White Spelt Stoneground Foster's Mill – Alkor

I have little to say about this loaf other than, wow I never thought I would make a loaf with English Spelt using my free-form rising method and result in a rise like this.  Last year I attempted sourdough using English white spelt I had bought in my local supermarket and had disastrous results with a flatten loaf.  Following that experience I bought some white spelt from Shipton Mill, which came from Germany, I had better results but wasn’t overly impressed with 100% spelt loaves.  Patrick from Bakery Bits sent me this spelt flour he sells from Foster’s Mill in Cambridge for me to try and I made it yesterday.

I mixed the dough in the morning, and folded it twice over a course of 2-3 hours, shaped it and left to rise for 2 hours.

You can see how the dough was holding itself nicely once shaped.  I did wonder at this point if I would return to a flat pancake.  I gave it a small amount of support around it just in case.

By the time 2 hours had passed  (room temperature) I could see from the tearing on the side it was time for the oven to be turned on.

I wasn’t expecting such a big “puff” in the oven, was quite taken back by the spring it had, creating the lovely rip effect on the slash.

OK, I take it all back about English spelt.  This variety, Alkor, chosen by Jonathon at Foster’s Mill has certainly restored my faith in 100% sourdough English spelt loaves.

I now have to go back to my other spelt flours and see if it was down to my skill in not producing a loaf I was happy with, maybe it was me, after all I managed to produce a good loaf with freshly milled amaretto at 10.5% protein…

What I liked about this particular variety was the light texture it had.  Some white spelts can feel quite heavy when chewing but not this one, has a close texture to that of a roller mill white flour.

My toast for this morning’s breakfast.


  • 500g flour
  • 300g water (temperature 30C, was cold day)
  • 200g levain (fed 25g levain*, 100g flour, 100g water, overnight)
  • 9g salt

Made as I described above.

*used white roller mill organic flour