Stoning plums and cherries

plum cake


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The stoning of plums and cherries are very straight forward, but it’s necessary to have a sharp knife and preferably a small one.

how to stone plums

With a small very sharp knife cut until you hit the stone and cut all the way around it.  Put one hand on each half and twist until the halves come apart.

stonning plum 2

With some plums the stones come off easily by pulling with your fingers.  However some varieties of plums don’t give out their stones so readily in this case use the end of the knife to cut the stone away, with care!

almond and cherry tart (wheat and gluten free)

The same method to cut fresh cherries as the plums.

almond cherry 4

It’s easy to remove the cherry stone with your fingers.


To stone cherries and leave them intact, cut a large cross on the bottom of the cherry.

fresh cherry cake 1

Carefully with your thumb and forefinger pick out the stone.