One week two birthday girls

Girls, to do you remember the hectic week of your birthday parties at the end of July?

It was also the time I attempted pop cakes, culminating in two full days of intense pop cake madness, made over a 100.  I don’t think I knew how to stop.

birthday 11

There was the tradition of having the castle cake for the 6th birthday party.

birthday 1

Sunday – We planned a simple 6 year old’s birthday party for 20 kids with bouncy castles, slush puppy machine, popcorn machine, ice-cream station, bubble machine, aeroplane kits, piñata…And so busy were we that we forgot to take photos of the party.

I never saw such excitement over fruit as when I brought out the fruit skewers spiked on watermelon halves.

birthday 12

We didn’t need to worry of our efforts being seen as lame, the party was a great success, kids told us so, “it’s the best party ever!”

birthday 14

It’s not easy to change schools halfway through the school year, and not easy for someone with physical disabilities.  It was worth the turmoil.  It is a good school, the head, the teachers, kids and their parents have made the 6 year old welcome.  Glad I forced the change, she is much happier.

After the little kids left the bigger kids arrived and made the most of the slush puppy machine and bouncy slide, turning the hose on making a water slide.

birthday 5

Thursday – 6 year old’s birthday day.  More pop cakes…I know girls, I was still getting over the madness.

birthday 13

Friday – end of year assembly, 6 year old is Red Riding Hood.  Giving big sister a hug.

birthday 9

Saturday – allergy kid’s birthday celebrations start.

birthday 10

Sunday – Allergy kid’s birthday and birthday party.

There was no end to how much fun 15 year olds found on a wet bouncy slide…

birthday 7

It was difficult to keep the 6 year old away from it.


A new allergy birthday cake attempt; oat base topped with chocolate and sprinkles.  The third and final set of cake pops.

birthday 16

Later the 18 year olds also arrived, the slush puppy machine was in continuous use, the ice-cream station seems to be a hit weather you are 6, 15 or 18 years of age.  Many wet cushions later the birthday week was over.