Motorbike trip to San Sebastian day two

Last night we were able to unwind, the boutique hotel, Le Clos Saint-Martin, was perfect for us, mellow calming decor with easy relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. It’s the small details that I notice and like such as not having typical hotel carpets for the corridors, everything is well placed and carefully considered and designed as well as practical. On my list of great things to have in a room is an iron.

A swim, then a meal in the town followed by a walk eating a sorbet from a shop instead of the restaurant dessert. The bread in the restaurant was note worthy.





Bikerboy posing.



To avoid riding through the heat as we had done the previous day we decided to leave at 6am travelling 270 miles to San Sebastian and aiming to arrive at lunch time. The alarm was set for 5.15am I turned it off and overslept. It would have been nice to have a morning swim.

Bikerboy was saying “just move a little further back so I can get you in the whole photo..bit more”.


After quickly drinking some coffee we were on the road again.

That’s my space at back and it’s incredibly hard for me to lift my leg over the panniers. This KTM model is a tall bike which doesn’t help my short legs, Bikerboy tries to stop by a curb to give them an extra inch. Someone should photograph me getting on and especially off, it’s pathetic and funny.


There’s a fair amount of this on the way, filling up on petrol but it’s also necessary to stretch legs and have the chance to feel my bum again.


Leaving Île de Ré


Breakfast on the run.


Trying to keep going. As long as I could see our shadow I knew we were ok because it meant the full sun wasn’t directly over us, heating us up, during the morning there’s a cool breeze.


At times traffic was awful. Here there was an accident. Good filtering skills are needed with panniers, I keep elbows in!



This is my view. My neck is somewhat thrown about with the force of the wind, I think I now have muscles in my neck I didn’t know I had.

More stopping and then finally for the big push to Espana


Today was a marathon an endurance test to make miles like yesterday. The roads being motorways are boring and this part of France is dull to ride through. After today the enjoyable bike experience begins of riding the curvy roads of the mountains.

After today I’ll always think of France of being a grower of corn, I’ve never seen so many miles of fields growing corn as I did today.



PS I’m doing this from Bikerboy’s iPad and it has a mind of its own will have to sort out posts on return, bear with me.