Motorbike trip to San Sebastian day four

Last night we caught up with Dan spending the evening envying the view he has from his apartment.


We ate, drank and watched the night light descend from his dinning table.



This morning the plan was to find an interesting curvy road and enjoy it without being loaded with panniers.


Two days ago we were complaining about the heat but today we had to cope with rain, mist and cold.


A couple of times the GPS was kidding with us, an opportunity to stretch my legs.


We went through some good roads around the mountains although part of it was ruined by mist and dreadful visibility.


But this is the kind of sight that makes Bikerboy smile…curves.


We covered about 130 miles roughly showing on map below but diverted through Pamplona on the way back to San Sebastian for lunch.


Tomorrow we leave San Sebastian and head for a fleeting visit to Cucugnan covering about 320 miles. With stops we think it will take 6 hrs, hopefully.