Motorbike trip to San Sebastian day eight – our last day

Our last day of biking through France.  We were aiming to spend the night somewhere close to the ferry in St Malo and we chose Dinard,  we first visited the town 3 years ago and liked it very much.  Today’s milage was a mere 200 miles, piece of cake after the last few days.  I’m no longer a rookie.

See how perky and cheery I’m looking all ready to go?  Looking at this photo you wouldn’t know that after last night’s drinking I had crushed out as soon as my head hit the pillow then woke up at 1.30am gasping for water, drank bottle of water went back to sleep, but thankfully no hangover this morning.

This is what Bikerboy does whenever he can, ride up to the curb to help my short legs go over the bike.

We started off fairly early in the day not even stopping for breakfast, we’ve decided this is when we do our best riding both feeling fresh and cope with the motorways better.

I have never been so happy to see a Paul as seeing this one.  There were about 15 gendarmerie officers here having their break, not just us then who welcome it.


Then the heavens opened and there was a downpour.

Soggy bottom.  Luckily the bike trousers protect for a bit.

Our last stop for fuel, this was the most I was able to do in one hit, 110 miles.

Bikerboy is bored of waiting for me.  “Come on Azélia…it’s our last 30 miles!”

We arrive at Dinard crossing the bridge here.

And stay in the same hotel we stayed 3 years ago, Le Grande Hotel.

We ordered tea in our room as we were checking in and as soon as we had taken off our gear the tea arrived.

The one thing Bikerboy won’t miss is the tea he’s been having, he misses black tea made with boiling water, what he calls proper tea.

We think Dinard is similar to the town of Le Touquet, unspoilt seaside town which still has a small feel about it.

Wake up to our last view before a day’s ferry travel ahead.

This is it, our trip over.  We have already started talking of our next one.

Here’s my view for the last 8 days.

When it’s cold I try and keep my head right behind Bikerboy’s lid.

It’s very snug.

When I want to see where we heading I move my head slightly to the right or left.

And here’s the dirt on my face after a day’s riding. It’s not a glamorous way to travel but I wouldn’t do it unless I loved it.