Mini sourdough rolls and the perfect crust

mini sourdough rolls

What’s great about making mini sourdough rolls is the ratio of crust to crumb is perfect if you happen to love crust.  These were made using half rollermill white flour, half stoneground white flour (paragon variety).


With the batch I made here I produced 60 plus rolls.  The dough weighed 5.6kg and each roll was weighed at 80grams.

60 sourdough rolls 3

Turn your favourite sourdough recipe into mini sourdoughs.

60 sourdough rolls 2

Roll them into a tight ball, place them on baking paper (not greaseproof paper) and do not cover them because the skin the dough develops will help to stop the balls from spreading too much.

60 sourdough rolls 1

Let them rise really well until they are puffy and wobbly to the touch.


When they come out of the oven make sure the cooling racks are place near cold air, open window if you have to, to stop the crust from softening.  Warm steamy environment will soften crusts.


I adore the above, their lids perfectly lifted.


Baking rolls

These were baked at 225˚C fan, oven pre-heated for 40mins.  The rolls were to be served within 2hrs of baking and I wanted to make certain the crust was crisp, it took the first batch to test how long I needed.  The first batch were taken out after 20mins of baking but within minutes of being out the crust soften which signified to me they needed an extra 5mins for the subsequent rolls.  These rolls had the total baking time of 25mins.   I was baking 16 rolls at a time in the oven and how many you bake in one batch will influence how long the rolls take.

Use water in hot tray as I’ve written before but use much less water, a mug full should be enough to create steam for the first 5-10mins.