Happy 5th Birthday!

The 4 yr old turns 5 today and she’s had an incredible achievement in the last year.  Her walking has improved immensely and she only uses her frame during school play time mainly to protect herself against other children running into her.  Her determination, smiley disposition and sharp wit will carry her far in life I’m sure.

Her instructions for birthday cakes are, “I want a pink cake with strawberries”

The cake is my usual preferred yoghurt cake, recipe here, and the frosting is make with reduced down frozen berries to give it the bright pink.  The trick is to use a small amount otherwise the icing will curdle.

The big cake is the same.  The darker colour on top is the rest of the berry puree, it adds colour but most importantly adds sharpness to balance the sweet icing.

I made a few too many chocolate cakes, wanted to make sure I had just over 30 but somehow ended up with 110.  They’re light and moist and will go quickly I’m sure (dairy-free)

She wanted a wendy house, a pink wendy house, which will be painted as soon as it’s dry for long enough.  Her older sisters spent last night making the house into a home for her.

….and they want to move in too.