Happy 12th Birthday!

I use to feel sorry for parents with children who’s birthdays were close together…and now I’m one of those.  Usually by now middle child’s birthday occurs during the  school summer holidays but for some reason it wasn’t so this year.  She just had some friends over after school for birthday cake and will have her birthday celebration at the weekend.  The request was for cake with blue frosting, but unfortunately I forgot to buy it and thought if I simmered down some blueberries and blackberries into a syrup I might just get a sort of dark hue for the frosting…ok I know I was stretching it…but still I ended up with a lilac tone with a whiff of blue. Hey what matters is how it tastes!  Middle child is the one with all of the allergies so she is not able to eat any of it but she has always been very happy with her alternative cake, the chocolate rice crispy cake I make every year.

All of my girls are wonderful sisters, and middle child is a fantastic big sister to the 3 year old, they have a great bond.  I think middle child has forgiven her little sister for being 9 weeks early and stealing some of the birthday thunder three days before her birthday!

Today was not the best of days to make birthday cakes since I had the morning booked with chiropractor for 3 year old physio regime.  And of course by the time 3 year old had lunch and was ready for her nap I was really running late.  I started to make the cake at 12.45 pm by 1.40 pm it was cooling, made frosting, started making the chocolate rice crispy cake, then made middle child’s dinner wish of spaghetti bolognese.  Just about finished frosting the cake in time as the girls walked through the door at 3.20pm…I know, Superwoman!  But minus the cute outfit.

Simmering dow the blueberries and blackberries to make a syrup for the frosting.

I made the same cake as for 3 year old, the yogurt no hassle cake.

And this is why I love Barefoot Contessa because she showed me how to put the paper under the cake to make the frosting of it easier.

Middle child birthday cake for her friends, and below her own birthday cake, the chocolate rice crispy cake.

Three year old had to be involved with the older girls, she just absolutely loves it when her sisters have friends around, does not leave them alone.