Globe Artichoke – How to preparing them

If the globes are baby size and young, in which case they would look much thinner and an elongated shape to these, their inner leaves around the heart can be eaten, when they get to this stage the leaves become hard and leathery.  The easiest way to tackle the outside leaves if they have dried out a bit from sitting around in supermarkets is to pull back the leaves.

You’ll have to use some muscle to pull them.

The inner leaves being greener and having more moisture will be easier to pull back as they will snap.

With a sharp paring knife cut the base of the leaves that are still attached to the heart.

Cut the base off.

It’s clearly to see the joint between the heart and the inner leaves.

Cut through the joint.

Sometimes the centre of the choke doesn’t come off in the cut.

Other times it does.

With the tip of the paring knife clean the heart of the globe from all of its choke.

Plunge it straight into water with lemon juice in it to stop the heart from discolouring.