Fish in Herb Salt Crust

I made this recipe by Giorgio Locatelli back in the Spring, it’s his version of the more classic salt crust baked fish as I’ve made here.  Giorgio makes it with seabass fillets rather than a whole seabass like mine.  The recipe is here, scroll down to where it says Sea Bass in Sea Salt.  Last year when we dined at Locanda Locatelli the table next to us was having this very dish.   I’m going to try it again soon with fillets adjusting the crust slightly next time.  This fish tasted wonderful and you could detect a hint of perfume from the herbs.  

My only problem was rolling out the salt pastry it was very stiff and broke easily.  I’m not sure how to adjust it but maybe it needs to be slightly wetter.   It easily tore making wrapping a whole fish a bit clumsy and rather than having one piece intact I had to do a repair job, not so good to look at.  I feel this problem would be less with small fillets.  Try it it’s worth the effort and something easily prepare ahead of time.  

Unfortunately I never got around taking a photo of the cooked fish….’thank goodness’….said Bikerboy, fed up with eating his dinners cold.