Fern pattern on sourdough

This fern pattern on sourdough was inspired by Stephane Reinat’s beautiful loaf posted on UniversalBread facebook page which had been scored with a leaf pattern.

This loaf made with 100% rollermill white flour had a happy accident producing a darker than usual crust for this type of loaf baked in a conventional oven.


The oven was pre-heated for the normal 40mins but when it was time to put the loaf in I realised I had switched the grill setting instead.  I quickly turned the oven on properly and to a higher temperature of 225˚C fan and the loaf turned out just fine.


More than fine in fact, it was really delicious, the best crust on 100% rollermill flour loaves I’ve made.  A loaf for those who love their crisp crust full of maillard-reaction flavour.


From the long last rising it had the crumb was light soft with the expected sourdough-chewy.


The happy accident loaf.