Dutch fruit pudding

After making the Dutch Cake  here, I made versions of this as a pudding.  Served either individually like these blackberry ones or in one large dish as the plum version below.  Other fruits such as apricots, peaches, raspberries or blueberries can be used.

The fruit sinks to the bottom while baking creating a juicy blackberry soaked sponge underneath.

The other version using plums is also delicious and I was struck by the scent of the plums hitting my nose when turning out the sponge.

Both the blackberry and plum puddings here are a dairy-free version I created.

Plum Version

The plum pudding can either be served straight from the baking dish or as I’ve shown above can be turned upside first in order to see the cut fruit on top of the sponge.  If wanting to turn the pudding over with the plums, you’ll have to line the bottom of the baking dish with baking paper.

These were medium size plums that had good flavour and their scent when baked was heavenly.

The plum pudding will take longer to bake than the original apple one, it can take a total of 30-40mins.  The best way to tell if the sponge is baked is to see and feel the sponge.  It should feel firm.

If using a cocktail stick it will be very deceptive because half the sponge will be soaked with plum and their juice which means the stick will come out wet.

I could tell by the cracks in the middle and the firmness when I pressed in the middle the sponge it was baked.  If turning over the plum pudding you’ll see how the sponge around the plums is soaked with its juice.

But the sponge on top of the plums is baked through.  It can be served straight from the baking dish.

The individual blackberry dishes were baked very quickly in about 20 minutes.  I added two layers of blackberries.

The sponge puffs up around them.

Individual Puddings

For the individual dishes they are about 175ml (3/4 cup) volume capacity.  There’s enough batter for 8 of those, possible even 10.  You could use half of the batter for individual servings and the rest for a large dish for keeping cold.

For the blackberry version they baked quickly, 20mins.  I haven’t made this size with plums but they may take a bit longer than blackberry ones.  If making this dairy-free version using vegetable oil they may also take longer.

For the normal recipe; Dutch / Norwegian Apple Cake.

For the dairy-free version; Dutch Cake Dairy-Free Version