Christmas Day 2011

Today, boxing day, is the real Christmas day for a mum with small kids I think.  I get to do this, catch up with favourite blogs, look through my new cookery books and have some time to read.

This year’s Christmas was all about the 4 year old, the perfect age for the magic of Christmas, believing and wishing.  The older sisters also lived their magic of Christmas through the little one, her excitement was infectious leading up to it.

My favourite thing of all on the 25th is sitting back with a coffee and watching them.

The middle child (allergy kid) when she was very young use to unwrap presents at the speed of light, now 13 yrs she’s taken over the role of mini-mum.  She decorated the house, wrapped others’ presents and yesterday put wrapping paper in recycling bags as 4 year old was unwrapping.

Watching the oldest made me smile, she unwrapped one present, then spotted the chocolate box given to us and that was it, her attention was lost in chocolate.

I roasted a donkey-size turkey, under strict instructions by allergy kid and Bikerboy that it has to be a turkey on the day, and there has to be enough left over for sandwiches, plenty of sandwiches.

Granddad Roy and 4 year old.

4 year old this morning attending to her favourite present, Cookie Dog, who barks, whines, eats, moves…and I’m hoping doesn’t poop.