14 Today – Happy Birthday!

This is the face of a 14 year old, “no photos!”  I had to go back to last year to find these photos I had managed to sneak in a “click”, otherwise looking through my library you would think allergy kid vanished from my life.  She’s at that stage of what I call a proper teenager.

If you’re a regular reader of this site you might have read the allergy post I wrote about her here.  She’s a fighter, and she’ll have your back kind of person, the loyal sort you would want as a friend, and far more intelligent than she gives herself credit for.

She’s a fabulous sister.  She’s 5 year old’s play mate.

She took these photos of 5 year old having a picnic with her dolls after setting it up for her.  Makes chocolate crispy cakes with her and paints her nails.  The perfect sister.

Birthday cakes are always problematic for allergy kid and her default birthday cake is a big chocolate crispy cake like the one here.  This year I thought I would try something different, today I’m making a sweet dough with vanilla paste, inside stuffed with her favourite chocolate and golden syrup paste shaped into a round shape, I can picture it in my head I just hope it works.